Ghosts in the family’s history. Approach through psychodrama

by Catalina Hetel

The family’s history and the links between her member are always describing a living story, who has a frame only in the real context of the concrete, well known events, but also into the strange frame of life and death, unknown, build by people who once existed or by the one’s never born, even they are more alive than the others. Missing persons, gone without ever coming back and without any news about their lives or deaths, aborted brothers, suicidal, they are living in the family’s history without a real, concrete or clear existence, they are characters appearing and creating strong links within a family, they are the untold, the unspeakable. Sometimes, the patient only fells the anxiety, the heavy bargain of a history full of ghosts. The ghost is many times recovered through the trangenerational transmission of a psychic material, enable to be transformed or elaborated. The ghost is a family’s history witness, a necessary one in the labor of discovering the links. She can be a parent, or a grandfather whereof we have information, or a brother or a relative whereof we don’t have any information, because the family feared. This is the untold, they exist, More >

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Fantome in istoria familiei

Abordarea traumei prin psihodrama

Istoria unei familii si legaturile dintre membrii acesteia descriu o poveste vie, care prinde contur pe de o parte in decorul real al evenimentelor concrete, cunoscute dar si intr-un decor straniu al vietii si al mortii, un decor nedefinit, jalonat de oameni care au trait cu adevarat sau care nu s-au nascut poate niciodata, chiar daca sunt mai vii decat nascutii. Persoane disparute, frati avortati, sinucigasi, plecati fara intoarcere si fara certitudinea ca sunt vii sau morti, fiinte care exista in istoria familiei fara insa a avea o existenta reala, concreta sau o istorie clara sunt personaje care apar si creaza legaturi trainice cu membrii unei familii, personaje despre care rareori se vorbeste, personaje nepovestite, nespuse. Uneori pacientul resimte doar angoasa, incarcatura greoaie a unei istorii cu fantome. Fantoma este regasita de multe ori prin transmiterea transgenerationala a unui material psihic nemetabolizat netransformat, nesimbolizat. Fantoma este un martor al istoriei familiei, un membru necesar in travaliul de descoperire a legaturilor. Fantoma poate fi a unui parinte sau bunic despre care avem informatii, dar poate fi si a unei rude sau a unui frate despre care informatiile nu au ajuns la noi pentru ca familia s-a temut More >